Catholic Education South Australia

Program Achieve - You Can Do It

Program Achieve is embedded within the culture of St Joseph’s. Its main purpose is to provide all children with the skills to achieve and develop social/emotional well-being. The core value of Program Achieve is the development of the potential of all children- academically, intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally- through instilling in them the five foundations of Confidence, Organisation, Persistence, Getting Along and Emotional Resilience.

Along with prescribed lessons, Program Achieve is promoted through our assembly awards, sports days, special events such as the School Fete, Japanese Culture Day and Grandparent's Day. It also has a physical presence on personal placemats on students' desks. Program Achieve underpins our class and yard behaviour management policies.

Social and Emotional Learning

 Social and Emotional Learning.pdf

You Can Do It 2020 Introduction.pdf