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Year 7 2017

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"What kind of person are you when no one is watching?"


Year 7 Kaeding

Class newsletters and other useful information

Please note that our class newsletter and other important information can be found via our class 'intranet' site.  This can be accessed online by using your child's Office 365 credentials.  Type '' into your browser and log on to Office 365 using your child's email address and password.  They should be aware of these, however please contact me if you have any difficulties.  Kind Regards, Charlotte 

Class Newsletter


Each week two students are awarded the role of "Class Editors". Students create a class newsletter, this role includes: creating articles, looking at school calendar and interviewing staff and students. Class Editor's are also responsible for editing their work before distributing to students and displaying on classroom window. I hope you enjoy their work.

 Term 1 Week 1 Bridey Sophie Newsletter.pdf
 Term 2 Week 3.pdf

Year 7 Homework

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The St Joseph's homework policy for Year 7 students is 45 minutes per night (including reading). Homework will be recorded daily by students in their diary, students are required to write the subjects/ lessons and the homework expectation. ie ENGLISH: Complete Soundwaves. If there is no homework set, students must still write each subject/ lesson and "none set". This ensures students are accountable and parents are aware of homework requirements. As a part of homework time, your child is required to read for 15 minutes, either independently or out loud. Student's must record book title/ pages and time read, this needs to be signed by a parent. My philosophy is that homework helps to consolidate learning in the classroom, homework should be completed independently and should not cause unnecessary stress. Homework will also be set if students haven't completed work to the expected standard or in the time frame set. Students are encouraged to set homework goals ie if a task is due the following Monday, what do they need to do each night to ensure it gets completed. Students are also encouraged to write in out of school commitments ie sport/ scouts/ training, this will help students to organise their own time. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kate Whittall






Sports Uniform

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Please pay attention to the sports uniform policy – particularly in regards to footwear.  Our policy states “white socks, predominantly white sports shoes and laces”.  As Year 7 leaders, maintaining the consistency of our uniform is very important.  Please ensure that your child's footwear is appropriate and matches our policy.  

Welcome Parent Info Night


Thank you to all parents and caregivers who attended the Year 7 parent info night.  Copy and paste the link below to view the Prezi.



Year 7 Kaeding
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