Catholic Education South Australia

What you need to know

Children are under compulsion to attend school between the ages of 6 & 16 years. 

Intake into Reception:

  • Children who turn 5 years old up to 30th April in each calendar year will be enrolled in the Reception class at the start of Term 1 and spend 4 terms in Reception.
  • Children who turn 5 years old up to 31st October in each calendar year are eligible to commence Reception class at the start of Term 3 and spend 6 terms in Reception.

The decision to commence mid-year (Term 3) has a number of implications and St Joseph’s School, Clare asks that you seriously consider the following:

  • Your child will not be accessing their full Pre-School services (missing 6 months);
  • Your child will be required to complete a minimum of 6 terms of Reception;
  • Your child will be entering a classroom setting after only two (2) terms of  Pre-School.  It should be noted that under the Enrolment Policy of Catholic Education South Australia, ‘families are encouraged to seek full Preschool entitlement for their child’;
  • The school is charging a higher term fee rate for mid-year intake students to offset the lack of funding.

Please read our parent handbook for more information

 Parent Handbook 2020.pdf