Catholic Education South Australia

Physical Education and Sport


The education of all children and students through physical activity is highly valued at St Joseph’s. Students develop an appreciation and understanding of their bodies, and acquire physical and other important competencies through physical experiences. Experiencing physical activities provides an important avenue for the development of a positive sense of self-worth and a positive sense of body beyond stereotypes.

The health and physical education program engages all students in physical activity in a way that promotes a lifelong commitment to participation in active and healthy living. The long-term benefits include increased levels of fitness, better health, enjoyable involvement in recreational and competitive activities, and satisfaction derived from performing skilled movement and in contributing to a team.

All students participate in the Footsteps Dance program. Sports Day and Swimming Carnivals are held during terms 1 and 4. St Joseph’s Clare has a high number of year 5/6/7 students participating in SAPSASA carnivals representing the Mid North team. Sporting Schools after-school sport is offered each term with many students participating in a wide variety of sports.