Catholic Education South Australia


Canteen 2020

Please note Canteen is currently suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.




Food Handling DVD

A requirement of working in the canteen is that all volunteers please watch the below DVD / youtube clip, 'Bug Busters'.

This clip presents safe food handling practices.  By watching this clip you will ensure that you observe best practice and provide a quality service to our school community.

Please follow the link below to access the DVD / youtube clip, 'Bug Busters.'

Once you have finished watching the video please fill in and sign the attached form below, to indicate that you have watched the clip and understand the required food handling responsibilities. Please return this form to the front office.

Thank you

 Food Handling DVD form.pdf

Canteen Ordering 2020

Dear Families,

Orders for Canteen are to be placed with the ‚ÄčQkr App. Please see attached instructions  to install the App.

Thank you,

The Canteen Committee

 The new QKR! App Explanation.pdf
 QKR! app download instructions.pdf