Catholic Education South Australia


Hall: A multi-purpose space, used for music, drama and assemblies.

New library: Attractive and spacious learning area.

Computer Room:  St Joseph's has one dedicated computer room consisting of 30 desktop computers.  Students can access and are explicitly taught the use of software such as PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word, as well as specialised programs for specific subject areas across all year levels.

Laptops:  To enable the creation of flexible learning environments, each class has access to a set of laptops that operate with Windows 10 software.  

iPads:  Each class has access to iPads.  

WiFi:  St Joseph's has an extensive WiFi system.  Access points located throughout the school enable WiFi access in multiple settings.  

Technology Room: Well-equipped room allows staff to plan and implement learning tasks and activities for your child to learn by exploring and problem solving.

Shade area: Multi-purpose court for fun and social activities.
Junior Primary and Upper Primary have separate playing areas.  Children also have access to grassed areas and structured playground equipment.

Science Room: Purpose built double classroom. 

Master Plan: The School Board is currently working on the School Master-plan, focusing on improved parking and drop off facilities, play-spaces, hall upgrade, increased storage, additional teaching and learning spaces, music facilities and improved canteen preparation area.